Kamis, 23 Nopember 2017
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Reliance Outing Yogya 2012

On 17May 2011 Reliance Group held a joint event (Outing) on the DI Yogyakarta. In the Committee of Reliance Group Outing took the theme "Run 2 Win" followed by approximately 350 employees of Reliance.

Given such outing in which there are some games are intentionally designed with the concepts of interaction between participants through the activities together.
Also believed the above can provide a conducive atmosphere to form attitudes, ways of thinking and a creative and positive perceptions of each participant in order to establish a sense of togetherness, openness, tolerance and a deep sensitivity, which in hopes will be able to give the spirit, initiative, and the pattern of empowerment new in Reliance.

The participants in these training activities provided with the knowledge and strategies that are especially useful in terms of:

  • Means of strengthening and consolidation of Team Work
  • Improve the initiative in solving problems
  • Prepare participants to apply the principles of group cooperation and a new culture (Encounter culture) in each organizational unit
  • Increase the achievement of work values ??and foster a winning mentality in the work and cooperate
  • Facilities and refreshing insight into the development of nature
  • Improve problem solving skills sharing within the team (problem solving)
  • The creation of effective communication
  • Commitment to team goals with enthusiasm, exchange information and experiences


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