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Cargo Insurance Claim Procedure (Head Office)

    a. Provide claims handling guidance and settlement of freight so that each process can be carried out properly, accurately and on time.

    b. Facilitate the implementation and control work procedures.

  • SCOPE:

    a. Transportation claims includes:

    • Partial Loss claim
    • Total Loss claim
    • General Average Loss claim (GA Losses)

    b. Guidelines and procedures applicable to cargo insurance claims through the head office.


    a. Management: Management consists of the Directors of PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia.

    b. Preliminary Loss Advice: Reports temporary losses, addressed to the Reinsurance

    c. Definite Loss Advice: Reports Losses End / Definitely, addressed to the Reinsurance

    d. Cash Payment Loss: The provisions in the agreement (Treaty), that if the loss exceeds a certain value, the company can request payment from the Reinsurance prior losses.


    Claims Approval Authority

    Authority to sign and approve the motor vehicle claims is set as given:

    a. Claim up to Rp. 100,000,000,- (one hundred million) for simple cases and Non-Ex-Gratia required verification from the Supervisor for approval from the Assistant Manager and Technical GM.

    b. Claims ranging from Rp. 100,000,000,- up to Rp. 500,000,000,- required verification from the Assistant Manager for approval of Technical GM.

    c. Beyond the items a & b above, verification is required from the Assistant Manager and the Technical GM for further approval from Management.


    If there's any claims, the Insured on their own expense shall:

    a. Immediately give notice in written to the Insurer.

    b. Within 30 (thirty) days or a longer time approved by the Insurer in writing, the Insured shall submit a statement of claim in writing about the occurrence of events with the evidence requested by the Insurer or the Insurer designated officer.

    c. On request submitted to the Insurer or its designated officer by a declaration in accordance with the provisions of the law of the truth claims and all things associated with it.

    e. By all means to take reasonable measures to avoid loss or greater damage.

    f. Reported immediately to the police about the damage because somebody malicious intent, robbery or theft or attempted to do so if the risks were secured by the policy.

    g. Submit to the Insurer a statement in detail if there is another insurance that ensure the risks associated with claims that have been filed or will be filed under the provisions of the policy.


    a. No later than within 2 (two) working days after the report as oral / writings of the Insured must be done immediately survey the location of loss, unless there is a problem of payment of premium or policy validation that experienced losses. Implementation of the survey "on the spot" is the best way to obtain accurate data.
    In practice, despite being said to be "on the spot" is in fact still exist between the branches that are late in implementing the survey claims, so the claim settlement process encountered many obstacles, both because the data / information that is less even no data at all

    b. Cursory of the picture survey task may be an easy task, but in reality is not always the case, the results of the survey is a starting point for analysis of the extent of the commencement of the insured losses is the responsibility of the Insurer in a loss (Liability Policy).

    c. To handle the claims survey, will be made blank survey report as a guide to center / branch in fulfilling their surveys according to the conditions and situations (both general and special factors).

    d. Which must be completed at the time of the survey are:

    • Photos of containers or goods that suffer losses
    • Photo scene
    • Estimated losses
    • Complete survey report, including recommendations from the appointment of surveyor adjuster (if necessary)

    List of documents to be completed by the Insured (damage Partial / Total)

    The completion of transportation list of claim documents is in order to:

    a. Request of claims document to the Insured can be done at once and not repeated - which will re-impress unprofessional or buying time.

    b. If the document has been received fully it is expected to immediately to process solution by the branch, as in it's appropriate limit authorization (Special Branch Medan).
    With these data, the branch is required to study and calculate the compensation to be paid according to the provisions and the calculation is accountable to the central office and head office will not have difficulties to account for co-member or to the reinsurance.


    In the process a claim, first of all must realize that in general the Insured shall make a claim that is higher than the actual loss.
    In principle, the insured is only entitled to receive the maximum compensation amounting to the sum insured in the policy.


    a. Ensuring the cause of losses to determine the security policy.

    b. The estimated actual price of the item being suffered losses just before the loss to determine the possibility of closing below the price (Under Insured).

    c. Investigated whether these objects are also insured in Another insurance (double Insured).

    d. Investigated the possibility of the presence or absence of residual value loss / fire (salvage).


    Insurers required to complete compensation payments within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the existence of a written agreement between the Insurer and the Insured or certainty about the amount of compensation to be paid.