Sabtu, 18 Nopember 2017
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Company Background & Philosophy

Reliance Insurance Indonesia is part of Reliance Capital Management ("Reliance Capital"), a holding company engaged in the financial services sector in Indonesia.

In addition to the insurance industry, in early 2003 also founded the Reliance Capital Securities. Reliance Capital is committed to providing services in an integrated financial services (Financial Supermarket) in Indonesia.

To achieve this, the beginning of 2012 Reliance Capital acquired a finance company, Nation Capital Finance.

Reliance Capital is consistent with the philosophy of management in establishing good cooperation relationship with clients through a solid team, which has more than 10 years and has gained recognition in the financial services industry in Indonesia.

Reliance Insurance Indonesia has been operating since 2002 as a general insurance company to provide protection at a competitive price but with aspects of the risk calculations are done for the benefit of policyholders. We understand the complexities of risk and with the support of a professional team and integrity, we believe it will work just as well with you.


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