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Reliance Outing Lido 2010

On June 22, 2010 Reliance Group held a joint event of Outing at Lido. In the Committee of Reliance Group Outing took the theme "Smart, Fast & Reliable" followed by all employees of Reliance Group from various regions in Indonesia.

Human resources in every organization, in principle, requires activity that has the benefit of "stress-release" and also be "fun and refresh" on the sidelines of a routine task activity. Activity is required not only to relieve tension or boredom, but also needed to maintain or restore performance optimization of human resources within the organization. Outing this year's program was held not only provide solutions to those needs but also provide more value to participants by entering the values ??of learning (education) in aktifiitas are packaged in the form of Outing.

Recreational activity or outing that will be more beneficial to Reliance and have the results when done in the form of an event that contains the value of learning.

Based on such consideration, the Committee tried to show an event in the form of field activities and combine it with the event contains the game as a means of refreshing from the routine daily activities and to better understand the meaning of tasks and roles within the company.

Materials and activities provided all contain managerial benefits that will be obtained experiences that are useful in daily work such as:

  • Optimizing the participation of employees in all event activities
  • The formation of cooperative inter-personal, inter-functional and inter-layers within the company
  • Increases sensitivity to the problem of fellow employees in the company
  • Cultivate an attitude of mutual empathy among fellow employees that the
  • Increase self-confidence in performing a given task
  • Understanding of the role, functions and responsibilities of each in the job
  • Eliminate boredom / stress would bustle of daily routines.


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