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General Insurance

RELIANCE underwrites almost all kinds of property insurances. We understand the risk complexities and we provide our clients with comprehensive insurance packages based on their needs. Our products can be classified as follows:

  • Property Insurance
    Property Insurance is a protection of your assets against physical damage due to various events (perils). Assets can be mainly defined as building, machinery, furniture, inventory, stock and the like. With regards to perils / events there are two main policies, a Named Perils (Fire and perils Insurance) and All Risks (Property All Risks) Policies. A Named Perils policy explicitly mention the perils, whereas an All Risk Policy covers all perils except those named in the policy.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
    Our motor vehicle policy covers sedan, minibus, motorcycle to trucks. Our auto products provide an extensive coverage including Third Party Liabilities (Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability and Legal Cost), Personal Accident & Medical Expenses for Driver and Passengers.
  • Cargo Insurance
    This insurance provides cover for Cargo Insurance during transport either by sea, land and air.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (ReliKu)
    ReliKu is Personal Accident policy in its simplest form, a voucher that gives a 24 hour cover on worldwide basis. ReliKu provides death and permanent disablement benefits as well as medical in-patient cover.
    ReliKu is available in the denomination of:
    • Rp5.000 - For 10 days cover
    • Rp20.000 - For 90 days cover
    • Rp50.000 - For 1 year cover
    ReliKu pays the benefit on top of other personal accident insurances already owned. You can buy up to maximum 4 vocher for a single name. cover is still operative eventhough the voucher is damaged or even missing. ReliKu which motto is FAST (Fleksibel/Flexible, Aman/ Secure, Sederhana/Simple, Terjangkau/Affordable) is definitely a practical and unique Personal Accident solution for you and your beloved ones.

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